Customized Classic Animation Cavass

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Step One - Done! You've decided on ordering a 'classic animation' canvass, made using your photos.


Step TwoNow to customize it for you......  Choose the following above:

   ---- the mounted canvass size you want
   ---- your chosen background
   ---- how many people in your photo (if it's 4 or more it's counted as a large group and is a little more expensive).

and then just click 'Add to Cart' and complete checkout (click on basket icon at top).

Then you just need to get us the photo you want to turn into art, you can do any 1 of many options....

- email the photo(s) to:
- 'Like us on Facebook, and we will find your facebook photos and pick one (or tag the specific one you want)
- simply upload them below   (be sure to click 'Submit Form')... if you're not using this form to submit you can just continue to checkout and get us the photo later


Then....Complete checkout it's you haven't done already (click on basket icon at top),  to give us the rest of your details.