How To Order

Art Customized just for you............. send us a photo, we can turn it into colorful art, for you to hang in any room, and at our prices you can afford to hang in every room!


At Art-Customized we deliver digital painted portraits, created using the photos you send us as our canvas. With specialized painting software and our own techniques, we simulate the traditional bristle paintbrush to create a unique piece of art, while striving to maintain the look of portraits created by the masters themselves, like VanGogh, Warhol, and others. Each piece is created on a large scale with printing out in large sizes in mind, so every detail of the large painting is worked on.

So go ahead and browse through our various styles and specialties to see examples of each to imagine what you or one of your loved ones would look like in that style. Some customers also like to have their sporting idols or favorite TV or movie characters painted in an original way so they can hang like any other painting and look and feel different to the usual sport/music/movie posters. You will see examples of this in our various galleries.






Check back with us again soon as we will be adding new styles all the time.