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Check out our YouTube channel for examples of some Flash animation with Adobe 'Animate' and videos showing 'Premier Pro' video editing skills.

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My local Basketball Club (St. Marys) always has 5 full days of basketball for all ages, every Christmas - until of course 2020!! (it ran for 50 consecutive years before that!).
I helped them put together “The Blitz of Christmas Past” - an online event for the usual 5 days showing games gathered and picked out by the club, consisting of a massive 75 games over the 5 days…. see the YouTube channel specially created below. Games came from as far back as 1991, so i had to convert both VHS video tapes and DVDs, and edited together in 15 different parts and put graphics on top to differentiate years. Each part was over 2.5 hours, 3 per day over the 5 days. The videos all premiered on the days of the Blitz but can now be viewed freely as an archive of this great event… see link below.


Also recently, the Gaelscoil Christmas video…. I was sent many little video clips and photos gathered by the school and I put them all together, overplayed music over parts and in parts put photos on top of videos, to form a cohesive entertaining video… contact me for any similar video editing...



Also see other videos I did during the Lockdown, online events for local festivals - i edited together all clips they gathered into a cohesive film, added titles and transitions as needed etc.

See World Fiddle Day Scartaglin / Handed Down YouTube page


See Patrick O'Keeffe Festival YouTube page


Contact me here if you have an event that needs to go online.

Words from Patrick O'Keeffe Festival on their Facebook page:




Here is a Social Media Message from Gaelscoil Aogáin... from teachers to students, i edited photos & videos together, added music, added animation:


Flash Animation I made to show my kids growing up:


Flash Animation using photographs and drawings of my brothers wedding:

Ad I did for Killarney Hotel in Premier Pro:


Video I put together and added titles, etc. to for local music festival:


 iPhone video clips added together in Premier Pro, my kids again growing up:







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