Gigs is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. 

The way it works is to make various types of Digital Art (Caricatures/animation/etc) and Graphic Design (style logo designs - you browse and order your logo in a particular style so job is quicker for the designer)….. this makes personalised paintings and logos available and affordable to everyone, my gigs generally start at $10.

                So you choose your ‘gig’ - which is usually a ‘style’ of painting/Logo Design/etc.. - you provide the information/ photos needed, and the artist delivers a digital copy of your finished picture to you online, usually to a tight time limit, within a day or so, and can give revisions (where you ask for changes)…. When complete, you are then free to use that digital file as a profile pic / or on business cards and other media / or print out as many times as you wish/ or even printed on posters/big canvass to hang, etc.


Here are the 'Gigs' I have up there so far:

Impressionist Style Digital Oil Painting

Anybody, any photo! Head and shoulder Portrait, or paint the full photo or add any background!


A Yellow Cartoon Of You Or Your Family Or Team (Yellow Cartoon translates as Simpsons style cartoon on Fiverr)

Different prices for different numbers of people.... 1or 2, Family, even larger groups (teams, etc).


 A Picasso 'Cubism' portrait of any subject

Need 2 photos for this, front view and side profile (Cubism is usually a few different angles in same painting).


Create an original Vintage / Retro Logo for your business 

Give us the company name, if you want a by-line, and if you want Established date, can tell us the shape and object you'd like.


Create a Van Gogh Starry Night Painting With Any House or building or stadium etc.


 Any building: current house/hometown/childhood home/favourite Stadium/ anywhere really.... looks good against Van Goghs 'Starry Night'


The Wedding Gift One (gift can be to yourself too!)

A 'Yellow Cartoon' (i.e. Simpsons style) of a wedding couple, with date of wedding, etc.