What is digital art, is it a painting or a photo?

Simply, "digital art" is artwork created on a computer.  We deliver a digital art painting based on your photo, which then because it is digital, can be printed like a photo as many times as you want in as many sizes as you want. Each print can be hung like any other painting, in as many different houses or rooms as you wish (you may of course only want one printed version to exist, like a traditional painting). When printed, all prints look like any traditional painting only without the more expensive prices that would typically go along with that. Also because it's digital you can email it to family and friends, and use as your profile picture in any social network site like facebook.

How long does it take?

Once you place your order, we will send you a version to proof usually within 3 - 5 business days. This is a smaller version of the one we print out and send to you on the USB Flash Drive, as the detail we do means that file is too large for a lot of email systems to receive in one email. Once you approve the design (some people like to make small changes before they give their final approval) we will print and send to you within 2 days and depending on the postage option you select, it will be between a day to a week or so after that. We can supply you with a website and a tracking number to track your delivery if you like.

What if I don't like it?

At Art-Customized, we work with you via email to make sure you are completely satisfied with your artwork.  If after a reasonable number of revisions you are still not happy with your proof, you will not be charged and we will cancel the deal.  However, once you approve your proof and your customized artwork has been shipped to you, no refunds will be granted.

Can I get a second copy of my artwork?

Yes, we can reprint at a lower price or we can send you a USB Flash Drive with the digital image, you are free to go to any printing service and print it again at any size you wish, and just pay for the printing costs.

Can I combine more than one of my photos in my painting?

Yes, we do this all the time.  The more similar the photos are in terms of lighting, sharpness, and distance from the camera each subject is the better, but as you'll see looking from our examples, if you are intent on using certain photographs we do our best to accommodate this.

What kind of photo can I use?
Again, as you'll see from our examples we will try and work with anything you are intent on making into art. The best photos to work with for us are focused, reasonably sharp and clear, and nothing blocking major parts of your subject.  We can correct "red eye", etc. and if given enough information can try and overcome any obstacle, see our section on "old" photographs under specialties, when we have added color to old black and white photos based on colors described by the customers themselves.

If you'd prefer to send photos by traditional mail:
No digital photos? No problem. We can scan your photos for you at no additional charge. Just email us and we will email you back the address to send your photos and take care of them once we receive them and send them back to you with your order.

If the subject is famous, no need to send us a photo...
If it's a famous person you wish to turn into customized art, just tell us who it is and what kind of painting you want and we can google them ourselves!

Unless you have a specific picture in mind, then feel free to send that to us, or send us a URL where the picture is online.

You'll see examples of famous people turned into art throughout the site.





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