Bespoke Digital Art

I can do many styles of painting, cartoons (you as a Simpsons character for example), to comics, to customized versions of fine art paintings like Van Goghs Starry Night, or see how you would look as a one of Picasso's Cubist masterpieces! Drop me an email for any bespoke requests. 


Or choose one of the templates below if that suits you... All you have to do...

1. Choose your photo you want to use - make sure it's a clear picture and a in pose you like!

2. Pick a 'style' you would like it to be painted in.

3. Complete the checkout process, ordering whatever size print you want, etc.

4. Get us the photo, only need to do one of the following:

  • Email us with it
  • Upload it form here, we have submit forms throughout the site, just be sure to fill in the email field too so we can associate it with an order
  • Tag us on Facebook on the photo you want to use, or send it to us through Facebook.

5. Wait for our first attempt to arrive by email and either approve to print to or tell us what changes you want.







Some examples of Bespoke work, requested by the customer: